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All About You

Starting and running a small business is all about you. Each and every day it’s you that has to get up, get going, get motivated and get on track. It’s  a real challenge each and every day but it’s one that is very rewarding when you overcome the adversity that a business constantly delivers. But [...]

Affordable Child Minding

I appreciate that not all mums want to go back to work after having a baby but it’s fast becoming impossible anyway. The cost of child minding is greater than the amount of money you actually earn which got me thinking. Why don’t we create an affordable child minding network. We could have training schemes [...]

Start a new business in 2013

If you’re looking to start a new business in 2013 then you couldn’t have chosen a better time to do it. Yes the economy isn’t doing great, yes people have less money to spend, yes it’s going to be a challenge but here’s the good news; there’s a huge amount of help out there to [...]

Are you an Entrepreneur?

I was on a public speaking course recently and I had a chat with the presenter afterwards about being an entrepreneur. I was quite taken aback when he said he didn’t consider himself an entrepreneur; he had started a very successful business, run it for ten or more years, was able to charge premium prices [...]

Eric Bristow, Who Are You?

I’ve recently been watching I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. It’s strangely interesting and Ant& Dec are hilarious. I like Eric Bristow’s catch phrase of “Who are Ya?” and it set my mind thinking. Well who are you? Do your customers know who you are? Do your customers know what your values are? [...]

Fast Track to Business Success

The phrase “fast track to business success” seems a little cliche doesn’t it. Perhaps it’s overused or only bears a passing resemblance to the article it’s describing. Well for me in business I prefer to stick closely to delivering what I say I can and for more than 20 years this has stood me in [...]

Dorset Entrepreneur to kickstart economy

One of the ICT channel’s most successful self-made-millionaires has launched a new mentoring programme to help small businesses get on track and beat the recession.   EXCLUSIVE   Phillip Reynolds, the joint CEO of Dorset based Oak Telecom and Founder of The UK Entrepreneur Limited is urging Dorset businesses to take the fast to business success with his [...]

Calling Dorset Entrepreneurs

Although Entrepreneur Express has been setup to help small business owners across the UK especially with our entry level online membership, we will be doing our utmost to also help our local business community right here where we’re based in Dorset. Many businesses are setup to serve on a national basis but often there’s a [...]

Customer Service is King

In today’s competitive world you need to stand out from the crowd if you want to succeed. But it’s not as difficult as you think, no big investments required here just common sense and a desire to deliver the best buying experience possible no matter what product or service you offer. It’s all about offering [...]

Page One of Google

Many people talk about getting to page one of Google in the natural/organic listings but most are unsuccessful as there are only a few slots with millions of people and businesses competing for them. There are ways to get to page one and most are common sense and hard work. If we take my software [...]