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Are you an Entrepreneur?

I was on a public speaking course recently and I had a chat with the presenter afterwards about being an entrepreneur. I was quite taken aback when he said he didn’t consider himself an entrepreneur; he had started a very successful business, run it for ten or more years, was able to charge premium prices [...]

Make 2013 Your Year

For many of us there’s no right time to start a business of our own. Often changes in our lives, in our employment, in our financial situation or even in our health will be the catalyst to get started out on our own. Whether you’re thinking of doing a little work from home to  supplement [...]

New Year New Start

It might be a little cliche but never the less the start of a new year often inspires us to start anew, perhaps with a little more energy after the Christmas break, perhaps with a renewed sense of purpose, perhaps with a desire to fulfil a long held dream. I love the Christmas break because [...]

Backing Britain

If there was one time that we should be thinking about supporting startup businesses or small business owners, then that time would be now, not tomorrow or the next day but right here right now. Small business owners are fundamental to the UK economy, without them we will fail, with them we’ll grow and be [...]

Proud to be British

What a great time to be British! The Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic Games. In the depths of recession we’ve been bold enough to step up and make these big events happen. This is an unbelievable time, a time which we should use as a springboard to recovery, a springboard to growth, a springboard to [...]