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Page One of Google

Many people talk about getting to page one of Google in the natural/organic listings but most are unsuccessful as there are only a few slots with millions of people and businesses competing for them. There are ways to get to page one and most are common sense and hard work. If we take my software [...]

Not That I’m a Speed Freak

Well it wouldn’t be like me to be overly concerned about keeping page load times down as they are included as part of SEO and Google rankings… now would it . Just done the usual Pingdom Tools tests on page load times and at 745ms, i.e. less than one second, I think I’m well within [...]

New Year New Start

It might be a little cliche but never the less the start of a new year often inspires us to start anew, perhaps with a little more energy after the Christmas break, perhaps with a renewed sense of purpose, perhaps with a desire to fulfil a long held dream. I love the Christmas break because [...]

Technology, Who needs IT?

Well this is a strange thing for me to be writing especially as I’m a technology expert. In fact too much knowledge is a dangerous thing in this area, it’s almost better to have a business perspective on delivering what your customer needs as opposed to what’s the most technically elegant solution. So if it’s [...]

Using Video?

There’s no doubt that with the success of YouTube and with the increasing use of video on Facebook that video is coming of age. Even the internet is getting fast enough to carry videos to us all, well almost. In the past the cost of producing video content for your business would for many have [...]

Responsive Design?

What I hear you ask is “responsive design”? Is it relevant to me and my business? With more and more people using their mobiles to access the Internet it is becoming more and more important for visitors to your website to be able to view and use your website. This doesn’t mean expanding parts of [...]

Designing a Website

A web site is a key part of an overall marketing strategy. It might be just a simple brochure style web site which has your contact details and a number of pages describing your products or services, or it may be something very complex that will need a lot of work to create. Whatever it [...]